Our In-House Dental Plans

No insurance necessary.

At Sterling Heights Dentistry, we understand that dental care should be affordable and accessible even without insurance. That’s why we offer in-house Dental Savings Plans that provide comprehensive exams and treatments at a lower cost than out-of-pocket payments. With two plans to pick from, our goal is to make your dream smile a reality.

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Dental Savers Plan

Patients save an average of $125/year with a one-time annual membership fee of $450.

This plan includes:

  • Two Professional Standard Cleanings
  • Two Periodontic Exams
  • One Set of Bitewings & Radiographs
  • One Flouride Treatment
  • Free Emergency Exams
  • 20% Savings on Treatments Over $100
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Periodontal Savers Plan

Patients save approximately $160/year with a one-time annual fee of $750.

This plan includes:

  • Three Periodontal Maintenance Cleanings
  • Two Periodic Examinations
  • A Set of Full Mouth Radiographs
  • One Flouride Treatment
  • Free Emergency Examinations
  • 20% Savings on Treatments Exceeding $100
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Terms Of Service

  • Does not include full-mouth series or panorex radiographs.
  • Does not include “difficult prophy’s.”
  • Does not include sealants, but there will be a 20% discount applied to the treatment
  • We do not send monthly statements
  • To receive a 20% discount you must pay on the day of service.
  • 20% Discount applies to cash or check payments.
  • 15% Discount if paying with credit card.
  • 10% Discount if using Credit® Financing in addition to plan.
  • Plan does not include any dental products.

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